Thursday, December 8, 2011

I am right and I am wrong and It really doesn't matter.

Most people who read my blog have some concept of God. Most of you my followers also share a belief system with me. Most of you know I have a heart for God.

And yet before somehow I thought I did but I didn't. I thought I was saved and I was. Just as you are. But we are not saved by works. Nothing we can ever do or say can save us.

My daughter who is six said to me the one thing every God loving parent wants to hear, "I want Jesus to come live in my heart, too Mommy." And I was too busy and too wrapped up in all the stuff of this world that I supposedly have to do that I said to her, "You will baby, some day when you're older. You aren't ready yet." What????? She was ready and whether I took the time to be part of it or not he's there. Because I don't decide when Jesus comes to live in my child's heart no matter how much I want to control her and everything she thinks and says and does.

She knew that moment that Jesus had taken up his rightful place in her heart. In HIS home. He is there with her now and every moment since. And she knew exactly what was happening and she could not get my attention. And I lost the moment. I lost the chance to watch my daughter begin her walk of faith. I can regret that, but really, why? Is it more important to see it the first moment or the 500 millionth one? Because in this beautiful journey it is the every moment every day I will watch her keep her child like faith.

She will never lose the faith she has as a child because I will build it up, shore it up, fight for it, and most of all model it for her day in and day out until she one day moves onto her own life with a strong faith that nobody and nothing can ever shake.

And I thank God for never giving up on me. I think God for giving me the sight he gives to the blind every day. And I love him with my whole heart.