Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What kind of monster have I created?

Yesterday it was a little chilly so I had the Princess in a Gymboree outfit from a line last fall. (See pics below)

So all is well, she likes the outfit I've picked out, is perfectly happy until she notices.... The panties.
She recoils like I'm handing her a rattlesnake. "I can't wear cherry panties." She wails. "what, why not, sweetie?" I innocently reply. "Because the cherry panties don't match my outfit." she exclaims, like any moron knows this.

Now I have the mousy panties that match this line, I know this but they are not clean. They are the next load to be washed.

So we march back to her room to try and find some kind of panties that are clean, my (according to her) unfair requirement. She finally settles on some with pastel dots, but I know that SHE knows they aren't the "right ones."

My biggest problem with this whole scene (beyond the fact that she's obviously OCD) is that she is ONLY 3 years old. Why does a 3 year old care if her panties match her outfit?

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