Saturday, December 25, 2010

Over a month.

I'm sorry.  I owe you all the "yous" out there who had been reading my blog more and better than that.  And with that I ask for your forgiveness and promise to try to do better in the future.  And I truly hope and expect many of you will forgive me and we will move on.

That really seems so easy doesn't it?  It seems so easy to just ask for forgiveness and promise to try to do better.  And most of us would be (and are) offended when we are expected just to grant forgiveness.  And yet we are.  We --those of us who are Christians-- are called upon to grant forgiveness.  Just like Jesus does for us everyday.

My husband often tells my children I am the most faithful and blessed person he knows.  I tell my children in spite of their father's blindness, I sin at least once before I get out of bed every morning.  I'm not perfect, and neither are they.  Nobody in this world is.  We all sin and fall short of the Glory of God.  That's why he gave us Jesus.  Jesus paid the price for every one of the sins I have committed and will commit yet.

And every day I wake up, usually sin first, then pray that God forgives my sins from the day before and helps me to sin less than I did yesterday.  And everyday I probably sin about the same as I did the day before.  (For the curious my in the bed sin is usually thinking bad thoughts about the makers of alarm clocks, and other things that wake me from my sleep)

So if we are all supposed to expect God to forgive us and we are supposed to forgive each other, why do we get so bent out of shape when someone asks for forgiveness and expects it?

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