Thursday, November 4, 2010

30 days of Thankful

I am thankful for my husband.  Specifically his ability to remodel houses.

Last night we were watching Renovation Realities and two guys were creating a "man cave" except they didn't even know how to hang a window.  Even I know how to hang a window, theoretically speaking of course.  As in I could instruct someone who would use a level and a tape measure to hang it straight and all, but I know what needs to happen.  Like that you have to frame it and all.  (More than the apparent jackasses on the show)

I also knew that you don't put little 12x12 linoleum squares on a concrete floor of a garage.  For three really apparent reasons:

A) It's gonna be one flipping cold floor.
B) If you don't care about A because you never go barefoot, get rolls of linoleum, not 12x12 squares.
C) When you convert a garage to "living space" you have to level out the floor.  Garages are made to drain run off from your car out to the driveway, so they are sloped.

Now of course my husband has know this for a long time.  He poured the floor of our 3-car garage himself.  Complete with slope.  HE also has as his first job in the old garage conversion to ........ you guessed it ..... level out the floor.

On top of his clearly superior building knowledge, his renovations provide me hours of entertainment.

Tonight as he was painting over some spackling he had put to fix cracks in the walls a la teenaged boys, my daughter and he have the following conversation.

Daddy, why are you painting that?
I had to fix the walls from your brothers Bug-Bug.
Well, you did a really great job on the white, I'm proud of you, Daddy.

Me: cracking up.

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