Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Daniel Fast

I'm semi-joining the Lazy Christian in the Daniel Fast.  I got up this morning knowing I'm now "officially" a Methodist which means I should be observing Lent.  Lent has been bothering me for a while now, because I was raised Southern Baptist and I grew up being told "we don't do Lent, we're not Catholic."  So I've never "done" Lent.

Until now.

Now I'm "doing Lent".  Without observing Fat Tuesday.  I'm getting the shaft, I'm sure.  But I drove to work this morning knowing God wants something of me, from me and I'm not doing it.  I've felt this for a while.  I don't know what he wants, but maybe just maybe if I prayed a little more and mainlined coffee a little less, (aka. Be still and know that I am God) I'd get a chance to find out.

Two people in my life today talked about the Daniel Fast.  The whole spiel is here, but the gist is no coffee, no tea the only beverage is water.  No refined or over-processed anything (sugar, flour, preservatives, chemicals) no sweeteners of any kind (The only thing I LOVE more than my coffee is my Splenda).  Oh and if that weren't enough, I'm not done yet... No Dairy, No meat, no fish, no chicken, no eggs and no leavened bread.

Which leaves that which comes directly from the ground. That's it, if I can't grow it from a seed I can't eat it.

This is going to be very tough for me.  Some people are doing a modified Daniel Fast and that's allowed, however I feel God calling me to go whole hog (okay no hog, but you get the idea).

This is me off coffee.

With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26

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