Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Different View

On my "Current Events" blog, I posted about the Supreme court ruling on the Westboro Baptist Church's protesting and picketing at funerals.  That post is from a purely political perspective.  I'd now like to analyze this issue from a biblical perspective.
Yesterday, the SCOTUS handed down an 8 to 1 decision that the Westboro Baptist Church has the right to protest at funerals.

It is not what God wants said in his name, I feel sure. We are not sent here to judge, we are sent here to love. In preparing to write this piece today I did some research on their protests and research on the counter protests. It’s all hate. Hate, hate, hate. And that is not what God is about. He is about Love.

I do not agree with the implication, if A is right then why is B wrong. In this example A equals WBC protests and B equals Christian displays and Christian messages.  I do see A and B as two branches of the same message.  WBC is protesting in what they seem to believe is God’s name.  Many Christian faiths believe and pronounce that homosexuality is a sin.  Jesus calls on us to rebuke our neighbors with love and call them from their sinning.  So in many ways WBC takes the Christian message “Go forth and sin no more” to its natural foregone conclusion.  

I do not agree with their conclusion, because I do not read the Bible in a vacuum. I read the Bible as a whole book. So in one place Jesus tells us to judge but only to judge with the Holy Spirit. We are not ordered to judge a group of people, only one person at a time in a loving manner.

I have not been called to judge homosexual people. That is to say God has not placed that burden on my heart. As a result, I do not have strong feelings either way on homosexuality. I do believe God calls us to love everyone. Indeed Jesus said this is part of the most important commandment. I also know that Hate is the opposite of Love.

Hate like Anger will eat a person up inside. It will consume you until you can no longer see, be or feel anything except the hatred. I also know that God does not ask us to hate. He asks us to love.

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