Saturday, January 10, 2015

Seattle (or how we added maps to family discussions)

I've been a little deep of late so I thought I'd bring some levity and nostalgia.

Way back when (in what seems like another lifetime)......

In 2005, I was pregnant with Sarah and working for a Pharmaceutical Company. I had to take a business trip to Seattle. I hadn't traveled much so we spent a lot of time preparing Ben who was then almost four years old.

At dinner for the few weeks leading up to the trip we would say, "okay on this date Mommy is going to Seattle for a few days and it'll just be the boys."

We would mark the days on the calendar each day and count off how many until I left and then how many until I returned.

Ben was getting it and seemed to be completely unfazed by my impending Business trip, although I was a basket case being pregnant and leaving my three children and husband to fly across the country. Hormones raging, I was tearful and beside myself. I was so torn, I wanted to quit my job.

Finally the day arrived and I boarded the plane for a rather uneventful flight landing a few hours later in Seattle, Washington. I was through the airport to baggage claim before I was able to get my phone powered on and call home to speak to my babies.

Brian answered on nearly the first ring and was audibly relieved I had landed safely. Then the phone was passed around to each son in turn, finally landing with Ben.

"Hi baby! It's Mommy, how are you?"
"Hi Mommy, I'm good! How's Attle?"
"What?" Thinking I didn't understand him
He repeated, "How's Attle?"

Which is when I figured out all that time he believed I was going to see someone named Attle.

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