Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's about Communication -Stupid.

Yesterday morning, The King and I were talking about our inability to get every one moving in the right direction in the morning (see (Still) not back in the routine.) So we decided to get some things done at night; making lunches, laying out clothes, finding wayward shoes, etc. We also agreed if parent a made dinner parent b would take care of the morning prep stuff. So last night he had to work late. I made dinner, fed the kids and verified homework before heading out to BTS night. You can surely imagine my surprise when I came home at 7:45 to him sitting in the Living Room. So saying nothing (my mistake) I began taking care of the things that needed to get done, huffing and puffing all the way. Still not saying a word, just expecting his Jedi Mind powers to know why I was pissed. Finally after my lunch was packed, The Princess's lunch was packed, her clothes laid out on our bench, Boo's clothes on the Living Room table, Boo's snack packed, he has the nerve to ask if I need any help. "And what's wrong anyway?" Oh yeah, he asked what was wrong. So I told him and
him: "why didn't you say something when you walked in?"
me: "why should I have to say something?"
him: "because I can't read minds."
me: "Oh yeah that."

So I created my own problem. Yes, he should know. And yes I am justified for getting peeved that he didn't know or just didn't bother. But I allowed it to escalate. I clammed up and waited on him to decipher my huffing and puffing. I'm convicted -so is he. And this morning he brought me coffee in bed and I got to work before 8AM. :)

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