Friday, September 10, 2010

Where does it go?

I caught you last night playing in your play house when you were supposed to be in bed. You knew you were caught, and you flashed that anger melting smile. And I knew I was had. Your brothers did the same thing. But then they grew up.

The Boo Man said once when we were driving to my work and his daycare "I think God will make it snow tomorrow so we can stay home." Does he still have that connection with God? Does he still feel he can talk to him?

Jaybone had the most mischevious little smile when he was your age. He also had beautiful blonde curls all over his head. He could get away with murder. He loved to hug and loved to punch his brother even more. He still loves to punch his brother. Does he still love to hug?

I'll never forget as long as I live D sitting in the floor of the Dining room of the house on Evans Street and making up Halloween stories using his tape player with a microphone. I know he still loves writing stories and I know he still loves Halloween. But it isn't the same.

9, (almost) 15, and 16. Where did they go -- Those preschoolers with the "come on world" attitude? Are they lost forever like the Rugrats ski cap Jay insisted on wearing in July or the Yellow Pokemon Game Boy Color D learned to read playing? Or the Yellow shirt, black pants and black shoes (aka. Greg Wiggle Costume) Boo wore for 2 years?

Will they find the innocence and confidence and joy God gives again? Can I keep you from losing it? Can I insulate you from the peer pressure and disappointments? Can your father and I grant you the faith and confidence only God can give?

How do I build your faith after Veggie Tales fade into your history?

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