Friday, September 24, 2010

TV Rant Part 2

Last night The Big Bang Theory Premiered for the Fall Season on CBS at 8:00.  My sons have been huge fans of the Big Bang Theory for many years.  My nine year old can sing the song.

We really love this show.  It's funny, it's geeky, it's reminiscient of Frazier.  But lately it has taken a turn for the worse.  Last night's episode was undescribably crass.  Howard had stolen a robot hand from NASA, it was a hand he designed to complete work on the space station.  After he programmed it to give him a back massage -- actually I really can't even write what he did.  Let's just say it's not even remotely family friendly and it's not appropriate for my 9 year old.  And this was the focus of the show for at least half the time.

On a slightly less disturbing note, Sheldon figured out how many men Penny has dated during her dating life and from that number derived the number of her sexual partners.  She argued that number, but then also semi admitted being a sl-t. All of this sexual glory in the first half an hour of Prime Time TV.

Is it any wonder why my husband and I are seriously considering cancelling our Dish Network Subscription?

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  1. I too thought the same thing about the show. It made me sad because if the beginning it was so good.

    But I think they are grasping onto anything that will keep the show on the air. I heard the ratings are not good.

    I hope the writers can get it together soon.