Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh Hi! There you are.

It seems my blogs come in starts and stops.  What have I been doing since my last blog post?

Over the last week I've been working on what I believe may end up being my first book, we shall see.

I've also made my own granola.  No I am not a liberal tree hugger, I'm a cheap mom who likes granola in my chemically sweetened yogurt.  I also had to send in the oatmeal container for use at school by my 9 year old and have been storing my oatmeal in one of my large plastic containers for like a month.  I needed my plastic container.  Making granola seemed more humane easier than force-feeding an entire container of oatmeal to my kids.

I also made chocolate chip cookies.  I love chocolate chip cookies.  My kids love chocolate chip cookies.  My husband really loves chocolate chip cookies.  Chocolate chip cookies make my whole house smile.  Sadly a double batch lasts about a week, 5 days, okay 3 days around my house.

I also planted my mums.  They look nice.  I still need to plant my new bulbs.

You may remember I took the kids apple picking a few weeks ago.  (I never blogged about it, only posted it on FB) Despite 10 quarts of apple sauce.  Two apple pies, 24 apple muffins and two loaves of apple bread, I still have apples.  So I also made more apple muffins.  And more apple bread.  I still have apples.  I think they are reproducing when I'm not watching.

I also picked the last Zucchini of the season from my garden.  I made 24 Zucchini muffins and 9 mini loaves of zucchini bread.

Meanwhile The Princess's Elmo Cherry Tomato Plants are still producing like kudzu in a Southern Summer.  My Pumkins have stopped.  My Squash is pathetic. The watermelon plants which produced exactly 1.5 watermelons this past summer are laughing at me. My beautiful, lush, green Heirloom Tomato plants produced Tomatoes smaller than her Cherry Tomatoes, and even they have given up the ghost.  And the Elmo Cherry Tomatoes keep on going.  The Princess doesn't like tomatoes -- any tomatoes.  Even tomatoes she grew and nurtured.  She refuses to eat them.  I'm getting tired of Cherry Tomatoes.

The Princess informed me last week "My friend Emma is allergic to the leaves changing colors." After the doctor diagnosed her with a Sinus infection as a result of allergies. "I am like Emma, Momma"

God was faithful.  As always.  He promised me he would take care of things.  He did.  And in true God fashion, not at all like I had imagined.  The firm that has been slow in paying sent us a check a week ago Saturday.  That check bounced last Thursday.  My husband was furious and worried and stressed and kept it all inside until Friday after he spoke to the President and CFO of this company.  In true King-like fashion he kept the problem to himself until he could also offer a solution.

The CFO called on Friday morning, apologizing profusely.  Explaining all kinds of ways.  My husband probably not very magnamiously said simply "Pay us or we press charges."  The CFO agreed to wire the money to our account that day -- and he did.  He also agreed to pay the two oldest invoices every week until we are caught up -- I believe he will.  We went from finacial concerns ("how are we going to pay our bills that are already late?" kinda concerns) to all the bills are paid for the month.  Halleluiah God is good.

I think I'll end on that.

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